Oh, it’s ON now.

D’awww. Parker saved the holiday photo from the Hero Business Christmas album. Along with a complimentary copy of Glamazon’s tell-all book, “Mentor, May I Sleep With Danger?” Wonder what else is in that box?

And yup! that’s exactly what Parker said, Simon.  I think he put two and two together, yeah? And Malefactor was never one for sharing, was he?

And hey, I’d like to share a positive write-up from the BLEEDING COOL web site. They featured “The Hero Business” in their Indie Spotlight… a great way to close out the year at the Biz:

“Personally I found Walko’s art style to be a perfect balance for the irreverent tone of the story and I was most impressed by the on-point dialogue that felt true to life both in the advertising sense as well as with geek culture. Mark my words: this book will garner a very strong fan base because of its broad appeal and for that reason I cannot recommend getting on board highly enough.”

Check out the whole review right here!

OK, Heroites, we’re just about to break for the holidays. And this page is the perfect place for it. In the next week, I’ll be posting a couple of holiday treats. And then, we pick up our “Bad For Business” storyline the first week in January! So stay tuned for more hero hilarity… and thanks for sticking with the Hero Business all through “phase one.”