Or, so Comic Alliance says. They have a really sweet write-up spotlighting my art:

“If all superheroes lived out their lives in ways that mirrored the social activities of Archie Comics and Flintstones character spinoff series, the world would look a lot like the works of artist of Bill Walko. Walko has composed some lively sequences involving well-known faces from the Teen Titans, X-Men and Wonder Twins that would fit nicely into their own animated Hanna-Barbera teen bands.

Walko’s comic art, which resembles what you might expect superhero Archie comics drawn by Josh Howard to look like, can be checked out over on his deviantART page. Whether you love Hawk and Dove or have always wondered what Booster Gold would say if he found himself hitting on Fred Flintstone’s daughter Pebbles and what Skeets would say over his shoulder, you should check his work out.”

Check out the full post here.

Thanks to Brian Warmoth for the shout-out!