If you aren’t following Brian Cronin’s blog over at Comic Book Resources, you should be. “Comics Should Be Good” celebrates many wonderful facets of the four-colored world of comics. Throughout May, “Comics Should Be Good” is spotlighting a different webcomic every day. And today, “The Hero Business” got a little PR:

“Today we look at Bill Walko’s The Hero Business, a nifty strip about a company that specializes in supporting superheroes, from marketing, to publicity, to costume design to tech support – pretty much everything! As Bill terms it in his description – “with great power comes great marketability!” And so far in this strip, it also goes hand in hand with great fun!

As Walko describes on the Hero Business website, the idea behind this series comes from the curiosity that peeks out from behind the general suspension of disbelief for stuff like, “how do these superheroes afford all of theirtechnology? Heck, how do some of these heroes afford to live period?”

Hero Business is an all-purposes management firm for superheroes. They supply technology, costume design, publicity and, perhaps most importantly, they handle endorsements and the like (how everything gets paid for).

Naturally, they are kept quite busy by the plentiful amount of superheroes out there. The lovable cast of characters who populate Hero Business include a former supervillain who now is head of research and development, an old school superhero who now works as a consultant for the company (and as a sort of liaison between the company and the hero population) plus a bunch of other “normal” workers. One of these workers is Parker Jameson, the receptionist for the company.

[Brian then shares the first five pages of “The Hero Business”]

Fun stuff, right?

So go check out the site here. Walko does a wonderful job designing the site.”

Thanks, Brian!

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