Hey guys,

I’m just winding down the second storyline of The Hero Business. And after that, I’ll be gearing up for the third storyline.

In between storylines, I do done-in-one “coffee break” gags. I thought it might be fun to run some guest strips, too, in the same vein. If anyone would like to submit, please let me know. Of course, I’ll provide a link and blurb to support your own work.

Here’s a few “rules”:

1. Read the ABOUT page and a few ‘Coffee break” gags to get a feel for the strip.

2. Please keep artwork to fit 740p wide x 760 p high. It can be half that height if you want to work in strip format (740 p x 380 p )

3. Please do NOT use Superman, Wonder Woman and the like. Please DO be encouraged to make up parody characters….. for example, my Batman-like character is Nocturnowl. And I have a sexy Brazilian-style Wonder Woman named Glamazon.

4. have fun!

Send me an e-mail if you are interested. I’m looking to run some guest comics in August/September while I take a summer vacation. ; )


– Your Hero Business C.E.O.