Just got home from the wicked awesome Boston Comic-Con. Here’s the commissions I did during the show, captured by my iPhone. (sorry they’re not scan-quality!)

If any fans some across scans of these pieces online, let me know! I’d love to get clearer images to capture some of the details….

“Harry Potter” First commission of Boston Comic-Con

“Scarlet Witch”  – the classic version!

“The Vision”… the same person that requested Scarlet Witch then wanted the Vision…. so I wanted him “floating on air” over the thought of Wanda…

‎”Oracle” … I had to include the Nightwing plushie

“Sentry”… I wanted him to look crazy and angry, like he always does….

‎”Superboy”  – 90s style! Loved this era.

Sunday morning sketch cards, from Boston Comic-Con…. Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, Harley Quinn, Kitty Pryde and Phoenix

Joker’s Daughter sketch

A Wonder Girl and Ravager commission. I wanted to capture their relationship in one visual image. ; )

Iceman and Northstar  — evidently, Northstar had “the hots” for Iceman in the 90s, but failed to melt his heart…

Supergirl commission

By request, a “Princess Superhero” character for someone’s niece, to hang in her bedroom…. I wanted to make it super cute

A fan wanted a meeting between 10-year-old Dick Grayson Robin and present-day surly Boy Wonder, Damian Wayne.

A fun last piece for the con!

Thanks everyone!