For this week’s “Rough Monday”, Im sharing some commissions from this past weekend’s Albany Comic-Con (great local show, btw). These are taken with my iPhone:

The request was for any Avenger. I was tempted to pick someone really obscure, like Mantis. But then I noticed he had no Firestars. And that’s just wrong. Ms Lion included gratis.

The request was for Colossus, but I threw in a Kitty Pryde freebie.

Lots of X-23 love. I sold an original pre-con drawing, and then got another request for X-23 in a Catholic School Girl outfit. I then imagined X-23 attending school and drew the logical conclusion of where she’s get scratch for eats…

The request was for Blue Devil. I always liked his original Hollywood-era incarnation… so this is an homage to that.

The request was for Black Widow… I hope I made her sexy enough, da?