Welcome To The Hero Business




Imagine your office, bitten by a radioactive spider. That’s The Hero Business, a comic chronicling the day-to-day adventures of an agency that caters exclusively to super-heroes (and their super-egos). Because with great power comes great marketability.


Meet The Staff




Name: Parker Jameson
Position: Receptionist


Parker Jameson is the newest hire at the Hero Business. As the receptionist, she’s whip-smart and often serves as the voice of reason at the office – but her sardonic humor doesn’t endear her to everyone.


In her short time at the company, Parker has proven herself to be smart, capable and organized. She’s almost too good to be true…





Name: Bravado (Kent Manning)
Position: Super-Hero Consultant


The world once thrilled to the exploits of the great champion known as Bravado. When his popularity waned (and his “asking price” dropped), the Hero Business employed his services as a super-hero consultant. But even on the downslide, Bravado’s name recognition scored high in our focus groups. He’s become the official face of the Hero Business, a fact that doesn’t sit well with all our employees.


It takes some coddling to manage the blustery Bravado, an out-of-touch narcissist living in the past. He often remembers the good ol’ days when “real men didn’t wear Kevlar.”


He’s still dating his reporter girlfriend, Trixie Templeton, but their relationship is a dysfunctional cycle of dishonesty and suspicion.





Name: Dr. Eli Malefactor
Position: Head of Research & Development


Once a grandiose super-villain, the down-on-his-luck super-genius decided to reform and now works as the Head of Research & Development at the Hero Business.


Eli always fancies himself the “smartest one in the room,” and is notorious for his long-winded and flamboyant pronouncements. He also finds it difficult to work with his one-time arch-enemy, Bravado.


Eli’s mind is a tremendous asset, but he bears watching. Has he reformed completely? Or will he occasionally sabotage The Hero Business?





Name: Morgan Sinclaire
Position: Director of Public Relations


Morgan is the prickly (but savvy) Public Relations Director at the Hero Business. She’s probably the most competent senior member of the company, but that’s also due to the fact she’s a hopeless workaholic.


Morgan is aloof and particularly quiet when it comes to talking about her own past. She was probably that girl in school with her heads in the books.





Name: Simon Perch
Position: Marketing Director


Simon is aggressive, self-serving and unscrupulous. Perhaps that’s what makes him an effective Chief Marketing Officer. He’ll do anything to make a buck.


Simon dreams of one day taking over The Hero Business himself. But his petty schemes often result in his own undoing.


Conniving Simon thinks he is charming (he’s British, after all), but just about everyone finds him rather off-putting. Simon fancies Morgan, but she rebuffs his repeated advances.





Name: Brody LeBlanc
Position: Art Director


Brody is a frustrated artist who (if you ask him) is “slumming” as a graphic designer at The Hero Business.


The surly self-styled “artiste” often bristles when he’s asked to “make the logo a little bigger” or deal with the 12th round of revisions to a costume design. But, y’know, he’s got a “Wars of Worldcraft” habit to support.


Plus, it seems he’s got a “thing” for Parker.



Rivals & Associates


Sinister CEO of Infernal Enterprises



Sycophant assistant to Demonatrix



Louie The Lounge Lizard
Slippery super-villain, current owner of “The Rocks”



Trixie Templeton
Ace reporter, loves Bravado & trouble in equal measure



Part-time super-heroine, Full-time attention seeker



Major Spoiler
Pesky precog with a penchant for spoiling events



Minor Spoiler
Just as pesky, less precognitive



Deus X. Machina
Cosmic-powered continuity cleaner… for a godlike fee